A single pool operator, will always be and proud of it.

A member of First 2 lifetime block community that support small pools to make first block so they can sustain to help decentralization

Kawan Cardano is part of Mission Driven Pool

To provide emergency assistance to victims of natural disasters by deposit 10% of operator reward into emergency fund wallet and distribute as a relief fund in the event of a natural disaster.

We are KAWAN (means Friend in bahasa) for all of you.
Greetings, Kawanua Pool.



Provide emergency assistance to victims of natural disasters. We will deposit 10% of monthly operator reward funds into the emergency fund wallet to distribute as a relief fund in the event of a natural disaster.
We will continue to update the amount of funds stored in the emergency wallet and the amount that has been distributed to our website and telegram group. We will do this in transparant way, everybody can check the fund and transaction of the wallet.

As the first step to this mission,
we deposit total 2M rupiah(IDR) worth of ₳104 at the time.
and for transparancy,
you can look into our Emergency fund using your favorite blockchain explorer to find wallet address below or just click to display it with cardanoscan.io


Come join us to help others and secure the Cardano network by staking/delegate with KAWAN.

Remaining emergency fund: ₳269

We are commit with the pool mision, therefore we already distribute our starter emergency fund to those in needs.

₳260 to Jayapura Flood worth Rp.5.450.000 at the time.

₳375 to Semeru Earthquake worth Rp.6.800.000 at the time.

₳315 to Bali Earthquake worth Rp.9.500.000 at the time.

₳310 to KalTeng Flood worth Rp. 9,200,000 at the time.
₳224 to Maluku earthquake worth Rp. 8,300,000 at the time.
₳187.5 to SulSel Flood worth Rp. 3,429,000 at the time.
₳105 to RS Apung worth Rp. 2,014,000 at the time.
₳55 to Oxygen for India worth of Rp. 1,205,000 at the time.
₳35 to Malang Earthquake worth Rp. 630,000 at the time.
₳27 to NTT flood worth Rp. 500,000 at the time.

check history of distributed fund here

Distributed fund: ₳1.893.5

It's maybe small now, but we are persistently growing. Lets grow together with us and Cardano Mission.

grayscale photography of wreckage of houses


We Strive for 24/7 Server uptime,managed by professional and dedicated SPO


Helping Natural Disaster Victims by giving 10% of our Monthly Operator Reward


Our vision is to support Decentralization of Cardano Blockhchain

📰Kawanua Cardano Stake Pool, LATEST PROGRAM📰
Claim Extra Rewards $PIGY starting from Epoch 282 with Total 100K $PIGY Token per Epoch

The amount of $PIGY Rewards Earned is listed in Column D of the $PIGY Excel File based on the respective Stake Addresses below:


How to Find Stake Address :

1. COPY your Wallet Address then PASTE into the SEARCH column in Pool.PM, your Wallet info will appear

2. Copy your Stake Address

Example: stake1uyr9es

3. Click the Excel link $PIGY - Click the 3 dots at the top right - Find Find & Replace

4. PASTE your Stake Address in the Find Menu - then you will find No. Sort Your Stake Address Line

5. Then Swipe Right and Find Column D in Your Stake Address Line - there is the Amount of $PIGY Token that has RIGHTS to Claim*

Good luck 😁🙏

*Claim process is done by filling out the $PIGY Form below:


🥰Thank you Kind Delegator for chosing us ,Kawanua Cardano Pool🥰