Kawanua stake pool benefits

We bring benefits to our delegators:

*Many more will be launched.

- Extra reward $PIGY token each epoch 

- Loyalty Program

Claim Extra PIGY token every epoch

I know it's difficult to follow the equation, just push button below to see the list and find your stake address to know how many you can claim.

Every epoch we deliver 100k $PIGY to all delegators.

We use a formula that look to 3 aspects of delegators active stake then calculate the ammount of $PIGY delegators can claim.
*until we run out of PIGY

Deliver totals of 10 ADA every epoch to a list of loyal delegators

Loyalty Program

-Minimal delegate 750 ADA

-Minimal 5 epoch delegated

-Epoch snapshot the list and filtered will be announced

Stay tune !!!😉

*This program will run as long KAWAN Treasury have fund (check KAWAN 3 pillars)