Kawanua stake pool Buyback Service

One of the Pillars is Treasury KAWAN,
With this KAWAN will provide a service so delegators can get more benefit by selling token to KAWAN Treasury with good rates.

Kawan Buyback Service
Start on Epoch 336

Each PIGY worth 30 lovelaces (0.00003 ADA)

Please send 1.6 ADA + PIGY in 1 TX to address below

Buyback Service Temporary Closed...
Claim Service will be open soon!
Wait for announcement!

You will receive 1.6 ADA + amount PIGY in ADA
Let's say you send 75k PIGY then you will get 1.6 + 2.25 = 3.85 ADA

Every epoch you eligible to use this service where:
1. More than 50k ADA delegated can sell 500k PIGY
2. More than 20K ADA delegated can sell 300k PIGY
3. More than 10k ADA delegated can sell 200k PIGY
4. More than 5k ADA delegated can sell 150k PIGY
5. More than 1k ADA delegated can sell 125k PIGY
6. More than 500 ADA delegated can sell 100k PIGY
7. Delegated less than 500 ADA can sell 75k PIGY

Term And Condition to use this service:
1. You must have been delegated to KAWAN stake pool
2. Your delegation active stake minimal 100 ADA
3. Active stake means you have been delegated for atleast 2 epoch.
4. IF you send PIGY more than your eligible, you will get back the remaining PIGY

5. One stake address can only use the service once every epoch
6. You will be refund if above condition not met.
7. Service will automatically shutdown if quota reach.