Kawanua stake pool latest event

Stay tune for the next event!

Kawan first Anniversary

PIGY token Party

We allocate total of 100M $PIGY token for this first annivesary party

During this event KAWAN delegators can claim 75000 $PIGY

You can send 3 ADA to address bellow
Your delegation need to be active with minimal 10 ADA delegated
IF NOT you will be refunded.
Can be claimed multiple times but only send 3 ADA on every tx.

Event closed !

We will bring this to KAWAN CLAIM Service with limited PIGY and other Token.

You will receive around 1.4 ADA back.
There is cost around 1.5 ADA and it will go to liquidity for buyback service.

This Claim Service will run
until allocated $PIGY run out and then...
We will open buyback service with a good rate and limited liquidity and open the claim service and so on.

Please do not send from Exchange!!!
If you send below 1.8 ADA will be considered as donation to liquidity